Q & A with How To Dress Well

At the moment alternative r’n’b and pop artist Tom Krell otherwise known as How To Dress Well is touring Europe with his latest album Care. Tonight he is playing at Rust in Copenhagen and I had the honor and pleasure of asking him a few questions prior to the show.

What is Care for you and what feelings does this album evoke in you?
“Care is my fourth record and it’s a very beautiful piece of music to me. It’s big and direct and very tender and joyous”.

How does “Care” differ from your previous albums?
“Well, every record is an index of where I’m at in life. I feel like this record shows me facing outward much more— instead of thinking about what the heart is, I’m using my heart to love and care for my friends, the world”how-to-dress-well-care

You have played five out of your ten show on your European tour. How does the European crowd differ from the US crowd?
“Weirdly, I feel like Europe REALLY gets this record— shows in north America were amazing, but these shows have just been so so so special and raucous and focused. They’ve been amazing so far !”

What has made the biggest impression on you during your tour so far?
“Just how good it feels in my body to perform these songs. So grateful to have this opportunity”.

I have been looking forward to this show for months and Care has been on repeat ever since it came out in late September. Especially the song above. “Lost Youth / Lost Youth” became the sound of my summer, it just grabbed my heart and ears and never left.

♥ Camilla